Yoga For First Trimester


Yoga For Pregnancy: First Trimester. Routines By Liz Zdunich of Namaste Inspired Athletics.

Routine One. These routines are created to build strength in preparation for carrying the growing weight of babe and for labour.

1. Sukhasana with Garudasana arms- Easy Pose/Cross Legged with Eagle Arms (switch cross of legs for each arm)

  •  seated with legs crossed
  •  sitting bones pressed into the ground
  •  hands rested on lap
  • on an inhale find a tall spine
  • reach arms forward parallel to the floor
  • cross arms in front of you so the left arm is above right
  • bend elbows
  • press left elbow into the inside of right
  • find forearms perpendicular to the floor
  • wrap arms around each other until the palms come together (or as close as you can for your body)
  •  lift your elbows up to shoulder height and relax shoulder blades down back
  • breath into the space between your shoulder blades and remain in pose for 3 breaths
  • complete the same on the other side with changing the cross of the legs
  • MODIFICATION: for tight hips, sit on a firm pillow or folded blanket to help find a long spine

2. Upavistha Konasana – Seated Wide-Angle Forward Bend

  •  seated on the floor, open legs as wide as comfortable
  •  press sitting bones into the mat and press away with heels to engage the quadriceps
  •  on inhalation, lengthen spine and lift chest “proud”
  •  exhale to walk hand away from you into a forward bend
  •  when you have reached your edge with a lengthened spine, relax torso and head forward to allow spine to round
  •  only move deeper into the pose on an exhalation
  •  remain in pose for 5 breaths to 1 minute
  • MODIFICATION: for tight hips, sit on a firm pillow or folded blanket

3. Kneeling Spinal Rotation

  • kneel on the floor (or on a folded blanket if necessary) with thighs together
  • inhale to lengthen spine and lift arms out to sides at shoulder height
  • exhale to bend elbows reaching fingers toward sky and keeping upper arms at shoulder height
  • inhale to find length in the spine and exhale to rotate the thoracic spine to left side, looking back over left shoulder if it feels good for the neck
  • inhale to pause in the rotation and exhale to return to centre
  • inhale to find length in the spine at centre and exhale to rotate the thoracic spine to right side, looking back over right shoulder if it feels good for the neck
  • NOTE: ensure that it is ONLY the thoracic (upper) spine rotating and not into the mid/lower abdomen which is housing baby


4. Savasana ~ essential to close each practice and give your body space for absorbing all the benefits of the practice you have just completed 

  • laying on back, open legs to at least mat width apart
  • relax shoulder blades heavily into mat
  • open arm to at least 45 degrees away from body with palms to the sky
  • close eyes gently
  • allow breath to become slow and smooth
  • remain in pose for 5 minutes, longer if possible


Please talk to your primary care provider about exercise in pregnancy, VictoriaMom wants you to stay healthy but cannot be responsible for injury