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Ukulele For Beginners – Which Ukulele Should You Buy As a Beginner?

So you’ve decided on which instrument to play. The Ukulele! Great choice! Now you’re asking yourself which is the best ukulele for beginners? Buying your first ukulele depends on the type of person playing the ukulele.

Do you want to be really good at the ukulele or will it be a hobby? Some people like to buy one for the beach and some like to play one at home. Do you want to have a really good sounding ukulele that has great quality and made by a professional brand?

Sometimes it’s good to have both, a ukulele that you play all the time which you don’t mind taking to the beach (for example) and won’t get too upset about if it gets damaged in some way (ie rocking out too hard!). So go for a cheap one here and then have a good quality ukulele at home or when performing for people which you’ll only use at home or indoors where the likelihood of damage is very low.

There are different types of ukuleles but for the beginner, it is best to start off with a small affordable 4-string ukulele and then you can work your way up the better you get as a uke player.

Some great brands include the Makala, Lanikai and Oscar Ukuleles. If you are buying a uke for a child then buy most basic plastic type and if they show genuine interest then upgrade to a beginner/standard ukulele

The Makala is great for absolute beginners as it’s an affordable brand. Makala Ukuleles are also great for kids as they can come in pastel shades with dolphins on.

A little higher up in price but fantastic for beginners is the Lanikai Ukuleles. If you plan on making playing the ukulele a serious hobby then maybe consider buying a more up-market ukulele like the Oscar.

Hopefully, this article has steered you in the direction of which ukulele for beginners you feel will be best for you. Enjoy the uniqueness and pleasure you’ll get with your new ukulele. It truly is a remarkable, fun and entertaining instrument to play.