Tuesday Night is Curry Night (in our house anyway)

Dave&;s Curry House

Where can you get a good curry in Victoria?
What can I say, I&;m from the north of England, we house some of the best curry houses in the world. The winners of the world balti competitions reside in Bradford and York. The UK has the best curry this side of India, I need to have curry every week, it&;s my national dish (no joke, fish and chips comes in second). So you can imagine for a gal like me, I am somewhat disappointed with the curry houses here in Victoria. I hate saying it because I don&;t like to knock anything local, I want to love it all (that&;s just the way I am) but the curry houses, ack, they&;re just a bit of a disappointment.

So, Dave to the rescue!
Once I&;d taken Dave to an English curry house and he realised I wasn&;t just a big whiner but the curries were actually that good they needed lamenting over, he got to action. My hubbie- that&;s Dave! – loves to cook and this was just a perfect challenge for him. So he got to work researching traditional cuisine from various parts of India. He bought books, we were gifted books, he really went to town and wowzer, we now have curries at least once a week, if not more.
So I asked if he&;d share his new found wealth of knowledge. My friends ask for his recipes all the time, they&;ve had his curries and know he can layer spices like the best of them and being Dave, the nicest most wonderful man in the world, he said yes, of course.
So there you have it people, Dave will give us a curry recipe a month AT LEAST! We&;ll also do some interviews with him to find out how to build a spice selection and how to accompany your curry. Dave knows his wine too, so I&;ll convince him to help us there aswell! Aren&;t we lucky.
In the meantime, head over to our recipe section for Dave&;s Lamb Massala, oh my word it&;s delicious.
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