The Five Minute Face


Being a new mom can really take its toll on a woman’s beauty routine.  While I don’t think women NEED to wear makeup, I personally can’t deny the difference in self confidence that a little foundation and mascara seems to have on my customers (me included). It’s like the difference of putting on a pair of old baggy sweats, compared to putting on a pair of fitted yoga pants (you know what I’m talkin’ about!)

While I don’t have children yet, my mum at age 45 has a 2 year old, and she talks about the sad reality of her current wardrobe and beauty choices a lot.  Plus, many of my beauty bar customers seem to be in the same boat. So ladies….if you are struggling with having the motivation or time to put on makeup in morning…this is for you!

A Five Minute Face with 5 Natural Products

1) Foundation.  Most of us will look a little more polished if we blend out our skin tone with a light foundation.   Try to find one with truly natural ingredients.  If you have dry skin, opt for a liquid.  If you have normal-oily skin, a powder might be a better choice as it will act as a 2 in 1 foundation and setting powder.  Apply the product in the middle of the face first. This is where women are usually the most red, so a higher concentration of product in these areas is usually best.  Blend outward from there.

2) Concealer.  Some of you can forgo this.  It depends on your skin.  But, if you have dark under eye circles from lack of sleep, then you might want to add this step in.  Apply with your ring finger (to avoid using too much pressure) to the under eye area AND over the eye lids.  This will even out the tone of the whole eye area.

3) Blush or Bronzer.  In my opinion, if you are wearing foundation, you HAVE to apply a blush or bronzer afterwards.  Foundation takes the natural glow away from your cheeks (unless you are really rosy), so if you don’t apply some sort of colour back to the cheeks, you’ll end up looking like a character from Twilight.  Apply a mineral blush or bronzer with a large blush brush.  The fastest and easiest trick is to SMILE and apply the product in a circular motion to the apples of the cheeks.  Then to take your brush and brush the product you just applied upwards along the cheek bone.  If you want to also add some colour to the eyes, apply a small sweep of blush or bronzer over the eye lid as well.  It tends to really tie a look together.

4) Mascara.  Personally, even if I don’t wear anything else, I always wear natural mascara.  I think a lot of women are the same.  It opens up the eyes to instantly make a woman look more awake.  Apply in a zig zag motion to the tops of the lashes, and then to the bottoms if you like as well.

5) Lip Gloss. Choose one without too much pigment, so that you can apply it throughout your busy day without a mirror.  Even a natural lip balm with a bit of sheen will look amazing.  Any natural choice will be best, as it will also act as a conditioner for the lips!

Et Voila – A polished look in 5 minutes or less.  As Oprah would say… no more “shlumpadinka!”


Megan is the girl behind The Green Kiss, a boutique style beauty bar inside The Good Planet on Fort Street. They sell natural cosmetics ranges including Paperdoll, Sappho and Scotch Naturals. For the best natural mascara in town, head to The Green Kiss and say hi from us!