The Beauty of a Daily Peace Pause

Nazli, owner of Victoria’s Rainflower Blessings talks to us about reserving a little time in the day for a daily peace pause. Sounds nice doesn’t.The Beauty of a Daily Peace PauseBeing a busy mom of two little angels, having my own business and helping my partner with his business, taking care of the house chores, school drop off, extra curricular activities… you know the drill : ) Ahh…Life in the city : ) Yes I have become one of those people who sometimes feel like I am on a hamster wheel and it is moving way faster that I can run, sometimes  leaving me feeling spread out so thin that I am see through : )But I have learned that self care and taking a wee bit of time to have a daily peace pause makes a world of difference in how and who I am. And when I feel at peace within myself my family and the world around me becomes peaceful and managable. I am able to effectively go about all the “to do”s on my list, with a smile on my face : )

It is so easy to put ourselves at the bottom of the to do list or sometimes not even on the list at all! But all it really takes is a few moments. A few moments of peace dedicated to celebrating us!

Taking a meditation or peace pause can be easy, effective, inexpensive and so very rewarding!

When we think of the word meditation, so many of us think of sitting cross legged, in silence, for a long time and perhaps chanting : ) But Meditation can be anything that brings a little peace and joy, anything that frees our minds from chaos, anything that connects us to the present time and anything that makes us feel grounded, the list goes on : )

All we need to do achieve this, is taking a few minutes every day to just be. It can be a peaceful walk by the ocean, listening to a drum or playing an instrument, it can be listening to a great song, it can be just listening to and focusing on our breaths, it could be visualizing a ball of light going up and down our many fun , easy options : ) anything that makes us be present for a few minutes and regulary( every day).

With time, we start feeling more present, less scattered, feeling more connected and at peace. Even if the world around us seems crazy, we somehow learn to stay centred and calm in our beings, it comes with practice and we are SO worth it!Taking a daily peace pause is a beautiful treat for me and I am grateful for it, I look forward to it and I always feel much better after : ) I have also taught my family to take this pause in their own way and I see the diference in behaviours, confidence and the ability to ground oneself when needed!How can you create a daily peace pause ritual for yourself? What gives you the most joy and peaceful feeling that you can do every day?Happy Meditating and reconnecting with peace : )NamasteNazli Rainflower
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