Tea Time! Monthly Tea Reviews


I recently had the opportunity to write a Steeped Tea Review.

I am a big David’s tea fan and wanted to see how the two compared. What I like most about Steeped Tea is the omission of additives. David’s Tea tastes great, but you have to wonder about the ‘artificial flavourings’ listed on each and every label. Yes, I am one of many people thrilled to have discovered Steeped Tea.

Tea is an ancient ritual. As a British lass, tea solves everything in our culture. Bad day? Have a nice cuppa. Kids driving you wild? Have a nice cuppa. Can’t sleep? Have a nice cuppa. Yes, a cup of tea is what takes the edge off a long day, a hard day, or a miserable day.

The history of tea is a vast one. Many cultures have long enjoyed the health benefits of tea. There are many legends of tea which include a nod to it’s innate benefits and though some are myths – tea may not cure you from being poisoned by your wife – most are authentic and as true today as they were then.

I chatted with Sarah from Sarah’s Steeped Tea  about teas that may assist you with different conditions and mild ailments*. Oh boy was there a lot of great info, so much so that we’re hosting a new column in our Just The Gals column. Today launches our monthly Tea Time! column. Each month we will bring you a new Steeped Tea Review and the the benefits that tea can bring. Today we start with tea for allergies.

Allergies – Tea Recommended by Sarah’s Steeped Tea

  • Rooibos is thought to soothe the body’s reaction to allergens. Green tea is also packed with powerful antioxidants that block histamine and is shown to reduce the symptoms of allergies.  Yummy flavours like Hawa-ya-Doin, a green tea, contain exotic dried fruit and spices like pineapple, coconut, cardamom and ginger – a great pick me up whilst also helping with those pesky allergy symptoms.

Our tea of the month this month is: Hawa-ya-Doin. YUM!


* If you suffer from food allergies or sensitivities, are pregnant or suffering from a medical condition, please consult with your care giver with regards to teas and ingredients you can and cannot drink. Victoriamom.ca and Sarah’s Steeped Tea cannot be responsible for any sickness or inury as a result of drinking tea