Spring Fashion For The Curvalicious Babe


Quit complaining about your curves and learn to work ’em, girls! We consulted withCurvalicious Boutique Owner and Stylist Sarah Frejd for some tips to help you show off your sexy shape this Spring.

Hey curvy girls all over the Island, I know for most of you its freezing cold outside and you can’t even think about spring shopping. Although it’s still freezing outside, February is the perfect time to start dreaming about your spring style. As with everything in fashion, nothing is ever new and trends are just recycled and reinvented to go with the times. So, with that being said, There are quite a few spring trends that I can’t wait to fill my closet with.

The fact that a woman feels unattractive before even putting on an item of clothing is a sad fact for many women.

First One Must Identify Their Body Shape.

In order to obtain a good look, you need to wear the correct style of clothing for your body shape. To identify your body shape, stand in front of the mirror, and note the following:

  1. Are you in proportion, with wide hips and a wide bust, and smaller waist – you have an hourglass figure.
  2. Are you wide on top, with narrow hips and carry most of your weight in the middle this indicates you have an apple figure. Me, Owner Sarah F
  3. Finally, if you are narrow on top, with wide hips, you have the pear shape figure. Our Manager Cathy A

You now know your figure shape. Keep in mind your body shape will dictate how you should go about choosing any type of clothing. You will need to wear different styles of plus size women’s clothing, to flatter your personal figure. With that said bending the rules to achieve your personal style is never a bad thing.

The best rule to always follow is to highlight your best assets, while down playing the less positive features of your personal figure. Nothing is forbidden in plus-size fashion. We just need to get creative and figure out a way to make the same trends work for us! It’s not so hard if you spend a little time experimenting after reading these tips.

Follow 5 simple rules no matter your shape:

  • #1 Nail the neckline: A v-shaped neckline will lengthen your neck and the lines of your body
  • #2 Separates: Flowy or over sized tops should never meet flowy or loose bottom. Simply remember LOOSE + LOOSE = FAT GOOSE
  • #3 Highlight your positives and downplay your less positive features but do not hide under too big for you clothes this creates the illusion that you are twice the size you really are.
  • #4 Go get a Bra fitting. 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Imagine the possibility of how great your girls could look….
  • #5 Shapewear: Own a great piece of long leg shapewear ( looks like the bike shorts style with high waist)..I am not saying to suffer every day sucked in under it all, but the comfort of your thighs not rubbing together when your rocking THAT DRESS and the silhouette created is worth squeezing in)

I’ve also spotted some styles that every plus size girl should try: Crop Tops

Yes, you heard me right. Crop Tops baby! Crop tops are not only reserved for thin waist women. Girls who are a little thick in the middle can rock a crop top too. Crop tops for plus size women look amazing with a high waisted skirt or pant. If your scared to show a little skin just throw on a tank top under it and call it a day. My pick is a form fitting Black Tube Dress with a colorful pattern crop – super cute.

More of a classic than a trend (in my opinion) stripes were all over the spring 13 runways. I have spotted within a few of our designers VERTICAL!! YES can you believe it, vertical stripe tops and even skirts. For years they have been telling us plus size women to stay away from horizontal stripes but no one ever designs a vertical stripe piece.

The colored suit is going to be major for spring 2013. The colours are pastels – think of 50s milkshake shop. Mints, corals and pinks.

Ladies remember a fitted blazer is key, find yourself a tailor and use them please. Every plus size women needs to alter their pieces at times because GUESS WHAT our bodies are all made differently lol.

  • Apples should wear a hip length blazer and a straight leg pant to show those legs off or go for the pencil skirt.
  • Hour Glass lucky ladies go crop blazer. Celebrate those curves, and do not forget the belt to accent your waist.
  • Pear Shape lovelies hip length blazers atop flare leg trouser will elongate the legs to balance your top and bottom proportions.

Expect plus size retailers to overload on ruffles and bows this coming season. Personally, I am a fan of ruffled tops and a sassy ruffled hem dress so I will be excited to see some new pieces. Busty ladies ladies keep your ruffles on your skirt hems not up top you already have enough going on! Leave the ruffle blouses for the less bustalicious.

For spring bows and florals have taken a turn from just being girly to chic. Flower print bottoms are growing in fashion gardens across the country and fast. Bows can be difficult to pull off, but not impossible. Before you start thinking, “I’m Too Old,”consider vintage lacquer pins as brooches or a pair of heels with a small leather tie. They’re not young, just feminine, and can look utterly sophisticated.

Body Type Advice for Florals: Consider your body type when choosing florals. If you have a larger frame, consider medium prints if you’re going to wear an all-over patterned dress. Or, if you love larger florals, try a top that has a few scattered near the neck, bodice, or waistline.

  • For us apples grab a skinny leg or jegging with bold prints, let those legs do their thing.
  • Pear shape princess find your self a floral A line skirt and match with a solid colored top or if you’re daring and PLEASE BE DARING rock a print stretch pencil skirt. The curves will thank you and so will wandering eyes.
  • Hour Glass Ladies you are blessed with curves that crave a print wrap dress or rock a floral empire top and balance the hips with flared, wide and bootleg pant.

Once upon a time being plus size was a big drag. There weren’t many celebs that looked like you. There were no cute fashion brands that cater to your shape and was not much advice for embracing your curvy self. Fast forward a few decades and things have changed a lot. These days, there are plenty of plus size celebrities who rock the red carpet in some of the chicest looks around, and every day there are more designers releasing clothing fit for curvier women. The medical profession is even coming on board with FAT DOESN’T = UNHEALTHY!!

Even with all these resources, it can still be a bit confusing to actually tackle shopping for your shape, but we’re taking all the work out of the process for you!

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