Sizzling Tandoor

From a Reader:

Sizzling Tandoor,  on Johnson Street.  At lunch they have a buffet, and kids under 5 eat FREE!  And because it’s a buffet there is no wait for the food to get to the table – perfect for my impatient toddlers.  They also have quite a few high chairs.  We try to model restraint for our kids and not totally pig out,  but it is hard because all the dishes are so wonderful.  My favorite is their Dahl Mahkani –  the best I’ve ever had, even though its a staple on any Indian menu.  My kids loved that they could eat rice plain, and not have it touch their butter chicken,  and then have rice pudding! Dinner time is a big treat for us, and then there are the left overs to take home!

Review by a Reader: Cait Irwin

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