Relieve Your Stress With a Steeped Tea!


It’s no wonder what with our busy lives, trying to keep the accounts balanced, making sure everyone gets to school on time, mostly wearing matching clothes; that we as mothers some times find ourselves feeling a little stressed out.

Maybe you are like me and suddenly realise, that feeling niggling at you is fraying nerves! Recently I found myself looking for a tea that could help ease my body and mind into a more relaxed state.

The Stress Reliever tea from Sarah’s Steeped Tea  is just what I was looking for! This tea was very beneficial for calming my overworked nervous system.

The lemon verbena and ginkgo in this tea will leave you feeling more relaxed. While the oat straw thought to have a sedative effect will help fight anxiety and panic attacks. Borage another component of this tea has a relaxing effect and is said to help relieve grief, sadness, and give you courage.

I felt a lot better after slipping into a bubble bath with some Stress Reliever Tea and a new book!