Prospect Lake/Goward Road Playground

We came across this playground when we were out on a hike. It was a new one for us, but I am sure if you live in the neighbourhood, you use this little gem all the time.

This park is at the north end of the lake as Prospect Road meets Goward Road. Obviously the view is mesmerising.

This park is in great shape and has some great equipment. Once piece of play apparatus really intrigued me, not sure what I’d call it but I couldn’t resist a go on it and I’d say it might be the best ab toner out there! 

You stand on a moving disc and then hold onto a moving disc. Watch your child as he accomplishes this with stealth and strength and then have a go yourself. I felt it in my abs in ooh, about 5 seconds!

The playground has a lot of really cushiony woodchips (softer than most, which might sound strange but we all noticed it – or are we on hyper alert now!) on the floor and the equipment works for big and small kids. There is also a big solid swing for those with physical difficulties.

The toy car is always a huge hit with my son and the one at this park is really nice and clean. The slides and climbing frames are tree house style which alwasy adds an extra element of fun and adventure!