Potty Training. Help! Mom of a 20 month old.

This is what just worked for me. I trained my 24 month old son to poo on the potty in three days and it took six weeks for him to be fully potty trained. That means naps and out during the day but still in diapers at night for a little while.

I am not a baby guru book fan, but when it came to biting and potty training, I looked for some advice as I was really overwhelmed and not at all sure where to start.

I had a look at Tracy Hogg’s Baby Whisperer book as someone had recommended it.  It all made sense to me, so I followed it exactly and had great success. (With two solid weeks of wee on the carpet before we had real success) I’ll bullet point what we did and hopefully other moms will leave comments.

  • Straight to pants, no pull ups. Let them feel the sensation of being wet if they have an accident
  • No walking around with a sippy cup anymore. Drinks monitored
  • 45 minutes after drinking fluids, take child to potty. If he doesn’t go, then take him every five minutes (this is the hardest part for me, realising that potty training is your job not your child’s)
  • If child soils or wets, make them take their own clothes off, with help if they need it. If soiled, put child in bath and make them rinse clothes. This is absolutely not a punishment, just a consequence and you must help them if they need help, just don’t do it all for them
  • Offer a treat for using the potty if you want – we used chewy vitamins – but only give treats if they use the potty. If they sit on it and don’t go – no treat
  • Commit – however you are going to do it, don’t change your approach, you will go round in circles and child will be confused. Pick a technique that feels comfortable and stick with it
  • Use a potty your child likes and finds comfortable. We had one of those little compostable potties but my son didn’t like it, I think because he has very long legs. We got a bigger chair style potty and it works a treat.
  • We also used a potty seat for our toilet, which he likes to use too. I did have a foldable seat that I took out with us but it slipped when he was on it just the one time (we were on a ferry) and now he is too scared to use it, so be aware of that if you use one too.
  • Be patient and kind – of course! If he wets himself do not scold or say he is naughty, he isn’t. Just say ‘oh dear, nevermind, use the potty next time or try and tell mommy you need to go’ and don’t say anymore other than instructions to change his clothes

Make sure you let your daycare provider know how you are handling training

I did all of this and at first put a diaper on for going out as I was terrified of handling wee in a store or park or whatever, especially as it was winter when we trained him and I’d have to change him in the cold. As we saw him use the potty more and more at home, I felt more comfortable with him going diaperless out and about.

It took us six weeks, but my mum visited for three of those weeks and we went on holiday with her, so I really slacked off and he mainly wore diapers for that time and used the potty when we were back at the hotel. As soon as my mom left, we got straight back to the same system and it took a week before he was fully potty trained, including naps. WIth naps, I took the diaper off him once he started waking up dry.

Hope that works for you or whatever system you choose works well.

I decided to answer this question as I had a lot of success potty training and it was a relatively easy process – Amber – Editor



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