Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression Support in Victoria BC – here are numbers and websites that will help you.

Please see our postpartum depression FAQs here, these are answered by local RCC Traci McGee.
Please also refer to our Natural Health Section. Here a practitioner from each healthcare medium has answered questions around natural support for PPD.

Please know you are not alone, PPD is a common condition and there are many people who can help you feel better, this will not last forever.

  • Traci McGee, Registered Clinical Counsellor – Website: 
    Phone: (250) 885-6760
  • Emergency Depression Service (24 hours) Phone: (250) 386-6323
  • Postpartum Support Society Support Line: (604) 255-7999
  • Postpartum Support International Support Helpline: 1-800-944-4PPD (4773)
  • Postpartum Dads –
  • Pospartum Men –
  • Online PDD Support Group –
  • Life With A New Baby –
  • Momstown Victoria – local mom and child group offering support, socialisation and education based programming for your children. Studies have shown that momstown is effective in helping moms cope with ppd/ppaThe following are post-partum depression support services, available through a referral from your midwife, doctor or public health nurse:
  • Maternity Social Worker, Victoria General Hospital – Phone: (250) 370-8175
  • Postpartum Support Counsellor, Queen Alexandra – Phone: (250) 721-6751