My husband and I have 2 kids and no romance! Help!

My husband and I have 2 kids and no romance! I need ideas on how to have a special night in as we don’t have a go to babysitter.

The joys of being the parents to 2 children are insurmountable, however, the need for a break to spend time with just you and your partner is not only wanted but a necessity for a healthy and happy family.Me and my husband are in exactly the same position as you and have found ways to keep the romance alive… here are a few things you may like to try!* Why not lay blankets and pillows out on the living room floor and leave the curtains open – this way you get to lie on the floor and look up at the stars while still keeping your children safe. Add to the night with some finger foods and a bottle of wine – this has by far been my favourite thing to do! It makes us connect by turning off electrics, but creating a special space that keeps us from being distracted by things such as the dishes!* Take turns each week to do something special for the other person. I know a rotation seems so unromantic but you won’t be feeling like that when it’s you with a love note on your car windshield on a cold and icy morning, or a love note wrapped around the spoon from where your spouse has left your favourite coffee mug out ready while the rest of the house sleeps.* Treat the other person to something that might not rock your boat but you know rocks theirs – such as a foot massage with candles and music, or a football night with popcorn and beer – your spouse will appreciate it even more because they know it’s not your favourite.* And there are always the old faves, movie night, candlelit dinner, picnic, all in doors… whatever you do, remember that it is worth every ounce of effort…¬†Good Luck!Answered by: Bellabrit is a mum of 2 girls (3 years and 14 months) and believes that you can have everything you want – it all starts with a smile and some gratitude!

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