Mother May I: Take 5 Steps Forward

Heather Solomonson writes for VictoriaMom about her family focused business, Mother May I and their next big Time Out event for moms.Mother May I take 5 giant steps forward?” Did you play “Mother May I?” as a kid? Do you play it now with your own children? Sometimes, as a parent, I feel that I am taking steps back or sidewise or in any directions except for what I had planned. Parenthood may not come with an instruction book, but we want to help families discover the answers that they need to make informed choices! By providing families with tools and support through workshops, online resources and events such as Bridging the Gap, our early education expo and our Moms Time Out series, Mother May I Productions is helping families take steps in a positive direction.You know the safety spiel that the flight attendants go through? The one saying that you need to don your own gas mask first? Makes sense, because you’re not helping anyone if you pass out from lack of oxygen before you get the mask on the person you are helping’s face. Motherhood can sometimes feel like that – we are so busy taking care of everyone else that we don’t take time for ourselves. Time Out! Health and Wellness is a day designed to help mom “don her gas mask” by offering speakers, exhibitors, community and fun to help moms relax and recharge. In true mom fashion, Mother May I Productions has planned a day that is flexible enough to fit into a mom’s schedule – come for an hour, stay for the day, whichever works for you! Loot bags (for the first 100 moms to arrive), door prizes, tea and coffee will be provided, and lunch and snacks will be available for purchase during the event