There is a number one reason I love McRae’s. For some it might be a controversial reason. I love it because it’s like a pub you can take your kids too. I know right! Shock horror, she wants to take her kids to the pub. Well yes I do. I’m not talking about sitting around playing cards and smoking cigars whilst I bounce the baby swing with my foot and send my 9 year old to order my pint of lager, I’m just talking about a social scene and atmosphere that is condusive to pub culture. That is; talkative, casual, friendly and a good assortment of bistro/pub type food and drinks.

This is exactly what McRae’s offers.

I have visited McRae’s since it’s opening week and it has just gotten better and better. I don’t take my toddler there anymore because after all that I have said about it being perfect for kids, it is intimate and can get very busy which doesn’t currently work for my high energy and curious toddler, but yes we have sat and had a beer with baby either strapped to us or in his car seat. And you know what, there has NEVER been a time when we’ve had the only baby in there.

McRae’s has great specials, the wings must be some of the best in town – I recommend the Blue Moon flavour, and the salads are immense and delicious. Their menu has a westcoast casual dining vibe, think burgers, tacos, nachos and flatbreads.

They often have live music which is great for a casual date night or if you are comfortable with your kids being out in the evening, perfect for introducing them to Victoria’s live music culture.

McRae’s is essentially a bistro but it definitely has that neighbourhood local pub vibe, which I personally just love. This is a go to not just for me and my family but also for my girlfriends, we go there for adult nights but have been found sat there on many a Sunday afternoon with babes in tow.

No kids’ menu & currently no change table but we are told this is soon to change


1652 McRae Avenue
Victoria, BC V8P 1H3
(250) 590-6944

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