Make Your Own Intention Cards with Nazli of Rainflower Blessings

Creating Intention Cards~ Manifesting through clear intent! With Nazli of Rainflower Blessings

I am a big fan of setting intentions, not goals or resolutions but intentions. I find my intentions are fabulous tools to guide me on my journey of life but without the pressures of a goal or resolution. There is no “failing” in intention setting.

In order to set my intention, every morning, before I begin my day, I meditate just a short meditation, and then I sit quiet, really quiet and listen to my heart and my body and intuition, the gift that we all have but sometimes find hard to trust.

I sit and listen and sometimes write down what comes up. Once I know what the intention is for each day, I set the intention by affirming it, holding it in my heart and releasing it to the world. Other times, I will sit, meditate and then choose from my intention cards and see what comes up.

We all resonate with different ways and we all experience and learn differently. I am a visual person so creating something I can look at every day helps me with my intention setting and creating a deck of intention cards is a lovely and fun way to add to this morning routine.


  1. In order to create your very own deck, you will need card stock, and things that you like to create with; pens, markers, stickers, old pictures, pictures from inspirational magazines, glue, the possibilities are endless, be as creative as you wish.
  2. Sit quietly breathe and mediate. Once you feel grounded, begin asking yourself what do I need most for my body, then mind, then spirit…again possibilities are endless.
  3. Your intention cards can have just one word; ‘patience’ ‘faith’ ‘peace’ or can have a phrase, ‘get a good nights sleep’, ‘dance in the living room’ ‘call a friend’. Really think about what you need in your life, what will inspire you and open you up to give and receive goodwill.
  4. Make a list, try to keep your cards and intentions simple and only begin with a few, say 7 or 14 ( for a week or two) and you can always add more after.
  5. Once you have the most important intentions to you at this time, begin creating a card for each intention.
  6. Let the creativity flow, aim to inspire and connect with each card, knowing that when you pick your card, the design and words will feel good to you
  7. You will end up with a unique expression of your being and you can choose a card each day to help with this process of intention setting.
  8. Creating intention cards is fun with a group of friends!

Happy Creating and may all your intentions come to fruition with ease and grace.