Love, Like or Meh? Reviewing: ABEEGO


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Victoria Mom Reviews Abeego:

I once tried to break up with plastic wrap. It wasn’t easy. I invested in some new tupperware type containers, wax paper, and aluminum foil.
When gingerly sifting through the mountain of plastic containers threatening to avalanche out of a cupboard looking for a matching lid – I missed the plastic wrap.
When struggling with wax paper, doing intricate free-style origami under which the veggies/cheese/leftovers would be found shriveled and sad the next day – I missed the plastic wrap.
So, I caved. I bought a roll of plastic, thus concluding my cling wrap free experiment. That is until I stumbled upon the genius that is Abeego.
You guys, I love this stuff! Abeego is a hemp and cotton blend fabric infused with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. Functionally, it’s like wax paper and tin foil had a baby. It feels like a thick wax paper – really it’s wax cloth – but it forms over food and dishes in a similar way to foil. Aesthetically, it is as pretty as can be – cream coloured material with cheerful stitching across the edge.
Abeego comes in two basic forms – Flats and Snacks or Wraps.
Flats are squares or rectangles that can be used in lieu of plastic film to wrap or cover food. With the warmth of your hands and a bit of pressure, the Abeego flats adhere and hold their shape.
Snacks or Wraps are pre-folded packages that function like better looking and re-usable Ziploc baggies.
The brains behind Abeego is Victoria’s own Toni Desrosiers. Trained in holistic nutrition, Toni developed the idea of a natural food storage material by setting and following a few rules:
1. All ingredients used will be completely natural.
2. No chemical alteration will be needed for the material to be effective.
3. Each selected material has been used for preservation at some point in history.
4. All ingredients have natural characteristics that would be suitable for food storage.
5. All were already approved by the FDA for food contact.
After much trial and error, Abeego was born. Talking to Toni it becomes clear that while she is a woman on a mission, she isn’t coming from a place of “plastic is bad.” Rather, she wants to offer people options. For this reason, her approach is refreshingly open source – she isn’t pursuing any patents on her genius invention.
Abeego is waterproof, but also breathable so it keeps your food fresh. It is slightly adhesive and malleable at room temperature, hardening in the cool of your fridge or freezer creating a seal.
When handled properly (no hot water, microwaves, or ovens) Abeego will last and last. I have been using the 3 flats I bought last summer nearly every day, and despite a little staining (damn you raspberries!) they are just as functional as they were a year ago.
When you bring a dish wrapped in Abeego to a bbq or potluck, everyone notices yours as the loveliest dish. And really, that’s what it’s all about.
So, give it a try!
Abeego products cost between $11-15 and you can find it at Good Planet Company, Hemp and Company, or Lifestyle Market. You can also head down to Moss St. Market Saturdays between 10am-2pm and meet Toni herself. Of course, you can always buy onlinetoo at, but trust me it is way more fun to visit the local shops and market.