Little Women’s Guide To Personal Power – How to Turn Your Monthly Menstruation into The Biggest Blessing of Your Life


I was so excited to get my hands on this book. I met local author and acupressure practitioner, Kyla Plaxton, a month or so ago and she had told me about a few of the incredible projects she has on the go, all of which empower young women.

One of these projects was her book, Little Women’s Guide To Personal Power – How to Turn Your Monthly Menstruation into The Biggest Blessing of Your Life, written for girls entering puberty. HOWEVER, I have to say, I was so mesmerised by Kyla`s approach not only to the topic of periods and body changes, but to empowering oneself through listening to your inner voice, that I decided that I would start using the worksheets in the book myself, not for my cycle – which after 20 years, I am finely in tune with, but because the journaling style is so simple and effective – just three exercises of personal power and an area for thoughts and feelings.

The book begins with Kyla talking about power and what it can mean to you. Her method is engaging and simple and though it`s been a long time since I was a teen, seems like a good balance between friendly and informative with a good dose of positive mentorship that young girls will appreciate. Kyla also makes a good point about our ‘dirty little secret’, with a let it be a secret no more chapter, where women of all ages share their feelings about starting menstruation and/or embarrassing moments involving their periods – it happens to the best of us! I loved the encouragement to talk and to share – very refreshing and very honest.

Her positive power exercise #1 consists of 1. Symptom. 2. Question. 3. Answer 4. Action. A step by step approach to understanding what your body needs throughout your cycle and this is where the journal and worksheets come in, something Kyla encourages you to complete every day.

Kyla does a really good job of explaining the woman’s cycle and how you might typically feel throughout your month and why. She also turns ancient rituals of affirmations and gratitude into average daily practices we should all be doing (which I totally agree with – affirmations work!)

As an acupressure practitioner, Kyla obviously knows that there is self-care us women can do to help with our symptoms. Kyla offers acupressure points which I will definitely be using as well as an aromatherapy guide, tea recipes and more.

What I love most about this book is how absolutely frank it is. It’s refreshing and definitely necessary. The emphasis on sharing, chasing your dreams, looking for positive supporters and not being ashamed of the body’s beautiful and natural feminine processes is approached simply and effectively. At no point does it seem too alternative, it’s actually bang on the money.

You can buy this book online and in local books stores. For just $20, I’d say it’s a brilliant investment for empowering your daughter and connecting with her over one life’s big peculiarities, the fact that we as women are meant to keep our menses to ourselves and not celebrate it as a big part of our womanhood.

For every book sold, Lunapads will donate sanitary protection to a woman in a developing country.

You can also buy the book direct from Kyla’s website:

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