How to Meditate with Nazli Rainflower


In this busy busy life it is important to take peace pauses, it is important to clear our minds, it is important to meditate.

Meditation is and means so many things to so many people. There is no right or wrong way of explaining or doing it. But one thing I am certain of, is that when I meditate I feel at peace, I feel clear, I can hear my intuition and I can cope with life in a much calmer way. I can hear the universe.

We often hear of many different types of meditation, I suggest if you are interested in learning to meditate, choose something that is fun and easy to do on a regular basis and one that is effective for you. Try a few different ways and choose the one that resonates.

Here is a simple step by step guide and one way I like to meditate.

1. Prepare by creating a sacred space in your home, one that you can go to, to meditate. Even if it is just the corner of the bed, your yoga mat, a favorite chair, the backyard swing, pick a comfy spot that you enjoy and that you know you can sit there uninterrupted for at least 10-15 minutes.

2. I always call in the directions in order to create and hold sacred space, you can call in whatever you wish ( guides/totems…) or simply close your eyes and just be in the space, there is nowhere else you need to be at that moment. (By calling in you ask spirits, angels¬†or guides to join and support you as you meditate – your helpers as such!)

3. Begin by focusing on your breath, if thoughts arise (and trust me they will) just thank them and bring your attention back to the breath.

4. Visualize and feel your energy getting more and more grounded with each exhale, knowing that you are completely supported by the earth. Allow your muscles to relax.

5. As you inhale, visualize your breath cleansing all the unwanted and unnecessary energies and release what no longer serves with each exhale. Begin at the head and end with the toes.

6. This is a great time to either go deeper within if you wish to ask questions and listen to the intuition, or continue the meditation by adding other techniques (ie, chanting) or simply sit and focus on the breath.

7. Start with about 10 minutes a day and try to gradually increase that time.

8. I always like to finish by setting my intentions for the day and by giving thanks for all that is. Make your own intention cards here.

Happy Meditating

From my heart to yours,



Nazli Rainflower is the owner and operator of Rainflower Blessings offering journeys, tarot readings, group meditation, womens circles, guidance and more.