Hot Mama Workout: Cardio

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Equipment Required:


Time to Complete: 20 – 40 minutes (depending on your personal fitness level)

Intensity Level: Moderate

The Workout: Cardio

Warm up: Start your workouts slowly and warm up by performing low intensity exercises to get the heart pumping, blood moving, muscles warmed up, etc. Try the Hot Mama warm-up if you’re lost on what to do for a warm-up.

This workout is a “simple”, fat burning cardio session. It’s simple due to the fact that I’m asking you to maintain a level of exertion for a prolonged duration. Nothin’ fancy, just simply, straight-forward cardio.

Here it is:

  • Warm-up: 5-8 minutes, RPE = 5
  • Weight-bearing cardio (walking, jogging, etc.): 20-40 minutes depending on your level of fitness, RPE = 7
  • Continue with this cardio session, but in the last two minutes kick it up an RPE of 9.
  • Recover for 5 minutes, RPE = 5
  •  Cool down