Hot Mama Workout #2: The Sun and Moon Workout

All physical activity counts. And if you didn’t know that, well, we’re here to tell you that even five minutes of doing something involving physical activity can add up over the course of your day and help you on your journey to healthy living. So, we thought this week we’d challenge you with “The Sun & Moon Workout”. Not only are we challenging you with this workout, we’re asking you to start doing the little things that will get you moving more throughout the day. Here are some ideas:

  • Park further away from the store so that you have to walk a little bit further;
  • Take the stairs;
  • Don’t just send an email to your co-worker, walk over and talk (in person!!…whaaa?!);
  • Play tag (preferably at home…with your kids…tag at the office would be fun, but maybe a bit strange, non?!);
  • Go for a ten-minute walk on your lunch break, or load your kids up after lunch and walk to a park to play;
  • Now that it’s lighter out longer, start a post-dinner family walk ritual…it can go all summer and the kids will really start to enjoy this time;
  • Garden;
  • Skip instead of walk (again, usually better if you have a little person by your side to skip with);
  • Office workouts – move every hour. Get up from your desk, walk to fill up your water bottle, use a printer that’s further away from your desk, just get up and move your body for a few minutes;
  • Play…it really can be as simple as that. Get up and get out and play with your kids. ACTIVELY play…chase them, play hide and seek, go on a scavenger hunt, play at the park, etc…it all adds up!

Okay, moving on to “The Sun & Moon Workout”. Every morning (“The Sun”), as soon as you get out of bed (or as soon after you get out of bed and have life settled around you), and every evening (“The Moon”) before you crawl back into bed, do this little workout routine.

Equipment Required:

Mat (optional)

Chair, bed or non-tippy furniture

Time to Complete: 4-8 minutes

Intensity Level: Low

The Workout:

1.       30 push-ups:

a.       From your toes, your knees, or with your bum in the air…you choose a level that works for you and build your upper body and core strength from there. Complete your push-ups properly, with good form and with your core engaged.

2.       30 squats:

a.       Feet shoulder width apart, weight in the heels of your feet, squat down as if you’re reaching (with your bum) to sit down in a chair that is far behind you. At the bottom of your squat, look down, you should be able to see your toes…if not, move your bum back and transfer your weight further into your heels.

3.       30 knees up:

a.       From a standing position, engage your core and simply lift one knee at a time. You can do “running knees up” or you can take the bounce out of it and simply lift your knees one at a time. This should be a bit of a cardio blast.

4.       30 dips:

a.       Using your bed, a chair (or anything stable), lower your hips straight down to the floor so that your elbows bend to 90 degrees, lift up using your triceps. To make dips harder, move your feet further away from your body, to make them easier, move your feet closer in towards the chair.

5.       1-minute plank:

a.       Again, you choose your level. You can plank from your elbows (low plank) or with your arms extended on your hands (high plank). You can plank from your toes or your knees. The key is to engage the core, pull your belly button to your spine and maintain a nice, flat back. Take breaks when you need and if you feel form is faltering, take a break and start again once you’re rested. Form is everything. (See attached video for perfect plank form – Ed)

There ya have it. Repeat this workout every morning and every evening this week. No seriously…do it. Stop laughing…it doesn’t take that long. You can do it. I know it. Good luck!!