Hot Mama Workout #1: All Over Body Workout


Welcome to our first Workout of the Week for We’re thrilled to be here!

Before we get started there are a few preliminary steps you need to take before starting any of our workouts. First and foremost, if you’ve just had a little one, or if you’ve been away from exercise for any length of time, make sure you’ve seen your doctor or midwife to get approval to begin exercising.

Next, click here for a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire). If you answer “YES” to any of the questions asked, you’ll also need to head to your doctor to discuss the results of the questionnaire and once again get approval to begin exercising. I know, I know…one more thing to do…but it’s better to be safe than sorry and maybe you’ll get to wear one of those fancy paper dresses that show off your bum! Cute!

So, how’s this going to work, you ask? Okay, you may not have asked, but I’m going to tell you anyway (I’m bossy like that). Every week Hot Mama will post a workout for you to try. Some weeks it will be a weekly challenge, some weeks it’ll be a body-specific workout, some weeks it’ll be total body conditioning, some weeks cardio, some weeks core…you get the idea, non? I will not include a specific “warm-up” or “cool-down and stretch”, but instead have provided a basic hot mama warm up and basic hot mama cool down that you should do before and after your workout.

I will try to post links to videos for any exercises that might be a little different or uncommon. I am super finicky about form and proper exercise technique. If you’re unsure about an exercise, ask a question or search for videos. I try to use the same terminology as other exercise professionals otherwise I’d be telling you to do “Inner Thigh Burners” (side lunges) “Jiggly Arm Slayers” (triceps dips) or “You’ll Think of Me Every Time You Pee Exercises” (deadlifts).

One last thing, I often post workout based on your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). Basically, I use a scale of 1-10 to determine how hard you’re working. This is based solely on how YOU feel. “1” is considered at home, in bed, sleeping and “10” is considered maximal effort (you know…when you push yourself so hard you start feeling a little nauseous…yeah…that’s a 10). Some days your “7” will be different than others…some days you eat properly and get lots of sleep so you’ll be able to push yourself harder and some days you just won’t have that energy so your 7 could be more like your 5 compared to your more energetic days. Did that just get confusing? Anyways…click here to see the RPE scale…you’ll understand better then.

So, let’s get started, shall we?!


Equipment Required:

Mat (optional)

Chair or non-tippy low table

Time to Complete: 30-40 minutes depending on how many breaks you take and how long you need to warm-up and cool-down.

Intensity Level: Moderate

The Workout

This is a total body conditioning workout. What the heck does that mean? Well…it means we’re going to work your entire body. We’re going to do some strength exercises, some core exercises and some cardio exercises. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?!

Warm-up:  Hot Mama Warm Up

Part A:

Burpees – 30 seconds

Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds

Push-ups – 30 seconds

Repeat “Part A” 3 times, please.

Part B:

Squats (toes forward, feet hip width apart, core engaged, sit back into your heels, press up through your heels) – 30 seconds

Wide squats (toes pointed out to corners of room, feet wider than hip width apart, upper body stays tall, core engaged, squeeze inner thighs together as you stand up) – 30 seconds

Reverse lunge (lunge by stepping backward) – 30 seconds

Repeat “Part B” 3 times, please

Part C:

Plank – 30 seconds

Bicycle Abs – 30 seconds

Side Plank (right) – 30 seconds

Side Plank (left) – 30 seconds

Repeat “Part C” 3 times, please

Part D:

Knees up hard – 30 seconds

Jumping jacks – 30 seconds (modify to non-jumping side taps if you tend to pee when you jump…it happens…a lot)

Squat jumps – 30 seconds

Repeat “Part D” 3 times, please.

Cool-down: Hot Mama Cool Down


There ya have it. How Mama’s first Workout of the Week. Let me know how it goes!

If there are any workouts in particular that you’d like to see, please let us know. We can create a workout based on areas of the body you’d like to focus on, whether it’s core, cardio, arms, etc…we’re completely open to suggestions!