Hot Mama Warm Up


We usually like to see warm ups that are anywhere from 8-10 minutes in length.

Purpose of the Warm Up:

  • increases blood flow to the muscles, which enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients;
  • warms your muscles, which promotes the energy-releasing reactions used during exercise and makes the muscles more supple;
  • prepares your muscles for an increase in activity;
  • prepares your heart for an increase in activity;
  • prepares you mentally;
  • readies your nerve-to-muscle pathways to be ready for exercise; and
  • prevents unnecessary stress and fatigue being placed on your muscles, heart and lungs, which can occur if you exercise strenuously without a warm-up;
  • basically prepares the body for exercise and decreases chance of injury.

Warm ups are generally low intensity, full body activities.
Activities you can try:

  • Brisk walk;
  • Slow jog;
  • Low intensity movements on any cardio equipment
  • Dynamic stretching

Here is a sample warm-up:

  1. Slow jog for 3 minutes;
  2. Jog with knees up – 1 minute;
  3. Jog with heel kickbacks – 1 minute;
  4. Jog with arm circles – 1 minute
  5. Dynamic stretching – 2 minutes

• Dynamic stretching is simply gentle stretching while moving.  For example: side to side lunge stretches so that there you are constantly moving from side to side in a side lunge position, moving deeper into the stretch as the muscles further warm up. Add an overhead arm stretch with the lunges to make this a total body stretch