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Hot Mama Health & Fitness provides baby, toddler and child-friendly bootcamps, fitness classes and yoga classes.

Examples of our classes include:
Toddler Tag Out: Work out with your kids in this child friendly bootcamp. The group divides into two, while one half works out, the others entertain the kids.
Just The Gals: Women only bootcamp
Family Bootcamp: Get the whole family involved and set a great example
Yoga: Fire it Up yoga for extra strength and flexibility. Kid Friendly Yoga.

Once your little one is on the move or if you have more than one child, working out gets to be pretty tricky.

Our Toddler Tag-Out format allows you to get the workout you want and desire while your kids get play and socialization time.

Not only will you be role modeling a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be doing something that is good for your body, mind and spirit.

Added bonus…the kids leave tired and ready for naps! We have numerous kinds of classes, so please, check us out!

Our trainers are certified in pre and post natal exercise.

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