Hot Mama Health and Fitness: Girls Only Bootcamp


I’ll admit, I had a few excuses lined up on my drive to the Hot Mama Health and Fitness Girls Only Bootcamp at Thetis Lake. My dinner hadn’t settled, I had two killer blisters from bad interview shoes, my bulging disc probably couldn’t handle much etc etc. I think many of us who feel out of shape feel a little nervous when starting a new regime.

But of course, as you can probably guess, my nerves were totally unnecessary. There was a brief moment as I walked to our meeting place and saw two lithe bronzed bodies coming towards me that I thought ‘oh shit, why am I wearing my ten year old long johns and a bra that gives me monoboob’ but I had no need to fret, they weren’t with our group and instead I was greeted by some awesome and incredibly gorgeous women who looked just like me i.e. normal.

I had no idea what to expect. I had heard from Lindsay that she likes to kick people’s butt a lot and that was motivation enough for me, just the thought of it made me want to work hard. (Yeah yeah, there’s a chance that all those years ago, I was the teacher’s pet to stay out of trouble, but hey, it works for me!)

We started by running a small loop by the main lake beach to warm up. I felt tired immediately, but focused on knowing I’d get my second wind fairly soon after and I did. After a couple of circuits, we headed up to the smaller beach anti clockwise to the main area. Here we ran up and down a mountain, okay okay, we ran up and down a small hill pausing at the bottom to do some vertical push ups on the fence. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but it felt incredible.

This was followed by interval training, a mixture of cardio – low running, knees up, burpees, and strength training – planks, pushups and resistance bands. Throw in some more running and back to the interval training and you’ve got yourself a hearty workout. And don’t forget to throw in a bit of core work at the end. (Shamefully, I am a core work out HATER but I hadn’t done these exercises before and that helped the time pass more quickly – had they been scrunches and scrunches only, I may have given up sooner)

At no point did I feel too slow, too unfit or like I was holding people back. We were encouraged to push ourselves but within our own limits and there were definitely varying fitness levels, I’d say this was a workout for everyone and if you want to go hard, you absolutely can.

Lindsay was fantastic as a trainer. Each exercise was demonstrated and explained so well that even I knew what was going on and she definitely had her eye on what we could do and how far we could take it. And the other participants, they rocked my world, so much camaraderie, it’s not something I experience often having been out of sports for so long, and it was so motivating, it definitely felt like team work.

Hot Mama Health and Fitness run a few local bootcamps, for Big Daddy’s, for families and of course their famous toddler tag out. By purchasing a punch card you can drop in to different workouts, which is great if you have a varied schedule.

I’ve already signed up to next week’s Girls Only bootcamp which is at Esquimalt Lagoon – beautiful!!!! I dare you to join me! Will you be there?