Hidden Gems


You can live in Victoria your whole life and still stumble upon places you’ve never seen before. That’s the beauty of an old town, so many hidden treasures.

When it comes to things to do in Victoria with kids, we all know the usual day trip goodies – the wondeful Royal BC Museum, the magical butterfly gardens, the petting zoo…. but there are lots more adventures to be had just by walking around a different neighbourhood.

When I stumbled upon the waterpark at Carnavon Park, I felt like I discovered Disney Land! I spent the summer of 2011 right there, I was there so often, I should have pitched a tent. I met so many of my friends at the park on playdates, none of whom had been before.

I felt the same when I found Cafe Misto, Charelli’s Cheese Shop and Delicatessen and the little row of shops on Foul Bay Road.  Foul Bay Hidden GemsI felt like I’d found a real neighbourhood gem, local stores with that unique edge.  And though it’s full of the grey hair brigade most lunchtimes, Cafe Misto is an awesome spot and has a support breastfeeding sticker in the window, so definitely check it out nursing moms!

Another lovely little hidden treasure is the Spirit Gardens between Kings and Newton Street. This is a communal garden and is so well tended, it is absolutely beautiful in summer and year round. Kids love it here because it’s like a secret garden and has a certain element of magic about it that even has me excited enough to detour most days. If you are in the area, have a little walk through, it’s very peaceful.

In the stroller walk section of our site, we will be reveiwing walks that take in some of these little places that are worth discovering. If you have know of any places in your ‘hood that are worth discovering but off the beaten track, share your secrets with us! – Amber