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Welcome to Victoriamom.ca! We’re glad you are here. We are glad we are here, it took long enough. And when we say we, we mean, sorry, I mean, I. Yes, right now Victoriamom is a one woman show, a teenage dream I had to fulfil, a chance to have my own magazine. Okay, so I am not quite Seventeen but I am even better, I think, I think (damn). I decided to put together Victoriamom after having my first child. The first of my friends to have a child, I felt swamped with information and at the same time, a bit lost. I was constantly tempted to *insert favourite search engine name here* and when I caved in to the need, found myself swimming in all sorts of crazy. I’d disadvantaged my child with the wrong detergent, I’d broken him by holding him too much, I’d damaged him by using a bassinet, not using a bassinet, you get the picture, you’ve probably been there, I was finding A LOT of information and advice and that left me, well swimming in crazy. No baby guru myself, I just wanted a one stop shop, somewhere the experts came and told you what you needed to know. I found some good sites actually. www.justthefactsbaby.ca is a real favourite of mine and there are just so many terrific info sites but once again, when you’re online, you are at the discrepancy of your search engine. Living in such a sweet city, with such amazing practitioners, I knew I could put together a site that brought women information and advice from local practitioners and experts, people you could actually call to get more information from, or even see for an appointment.  In September, I facilitated Mommy Boost Month with a local health clinic, Elements of Health Centre. This was part of my big vision, bring women together, celebrate them as mothers, celebrate the people working to care for them, have a heap of fun and fundraise. It went swimmingly, engaged a heck load of local moms and a heck load of fantastic instructors and practitioners and was a dream fulfilled (stay tuned for something similar this year). This site is an extension of that, it is a big dream and like a tree that keeps on growing, so will this site, hopefully bringing you local info, resources and news. I guess I ought to tell you a brief bit about me. Well right now, I write, mainly online, for a variety of companies all over the world and have done part time for some years. My background and passion is in youth work, counselling, social housing and childcare though I am addicted to writing and the power of marketing where my original Bachelor degree lies. I volunteered weekly for over ten years until I had my son and felt a bit drained but  I hope through the site I can begin to volunteer again. Originally, I came to Victoria from the UK as a musician, I’m a rock n soul singer, though currently only working my own front room and not much else! I love food, friends, babies (LOVE BABIES AND KIDS) and generally having a nice time. Hopefully our paths will cross soon and you can chat to me about you. That would be nice wouldn’t it! Anyway, welcome, I hope you like the site! Amber

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