Grandma J’s Cleaning Tips

Grandmas are just wonderful aren’t they, so caring and nurturing and always smelling of baking and cups of tea. I don’t know about the grandmas in your life, but the ones in mine are also wicked cleaners, far more efficient and enthusiastic than I’ll ever be!I was at my in laws’ place last saturday, when I spotted this: a book called Mary Ellen’ Greatest Hints. I almost fell over myself, I love hints and tips and this with it’s 1980s’ red and blue grid pattern and who I can only assume is Mary Ellen, smiling out with her Dynasty hair and clip on earrings, it just had me intrigued. So I asked Grandma J, ‘Is it any good’ ‘Oh yeah, it’s good’ she replied, so good that I got the book on short term loan only  – it’s due back this Sunday!So here you go moms, here are just a few of the random and brilliant household tips I found in Mary Ellen’ Greatest Hints!

  • Soap lost its suds? Prick it deeply with a fork and it will lather up just like new!
  • Your bathtub looking yellow or that weird green? Scrub with a combination of salt and turpentine! (ooh, you’ll smell like art school)
  • To prevent mildew build up on shower curtains, soak them in salt water solution before hanging.
  • Got a dripping tap that you don’ have time to fix. Tie a piece of string round the faucet, the water will run down the string noiselessly eliminating the annoying drip drip drip!
  • Your favourite necklace chain tangled? Dust with talc and rub it between your hands.
  • Speed up a baked potato by pushing an all metal tablespoon into the potato, the heat will conduct down the spoon and cook it inside out!
  • Banish the lingering smell of a self cleaned oven by baking orange peels at 350 degrees.
  • Save wrappings from sticks of butter in a ziplock bag in the fridge. Perfect for baking days.
  • Shaving cream is one of the most useful upholstery cleaners for stains and general dirt.
  • To remove baby vomit odour,  immediately, use a baking soda and water paste.

Honestly, I could sit here all night and write out these tips, there are hundreds if not thousands! If you want to share any of your granny hints, leave a comment below and we will give it a whirl!Amber