Get Into The Groove


Imagine dancing your face off, having a really good giggle with a bunch of gals, being told you are beautiful by a husky voiced guy named Joe BUT waking up the next day with no hangover, no sore throat from yelling over music and no crippling thoughts of how much money you spent.

Welcome to Groove.

This week I had the pleasure of joining Liz Zdunich for her Groove class at the beautiful Sleeping Dog Farm. Liz is the woman behind our onsite pregnancy yoga routines, but her mad skills don’t stop there for Liz is a woman of many fitness hats.

So What is Groove?

Groove is a chance to dance and stretch and move and sway and skip and pony in a room where no one gives a hoot.  Movements are designed to build strength in a full range of motion, so that you can feel stable and strong, but you can move in a way that feels good for your body within the instructions given. The main thing about Groove? It’s a lot of fun and extrememly liberating.

We began the session with exercises and stretching to loosen those tight spots and then went into high energy routines to some great up tempo tunes. The last ten minutes of the hour included some lovely stretches and mind calming exercises, but again, the point of groove was maintained – you get instructions and then move however your mind and body sees fit and feels good.

Here are a few thoughts that went through my mind as I grooved

·         Damn I am a good dancer

·         Damn this is like being in a club but way more manageable

·         Damn I can jump pretty high when I pony

·         No one is looking at me, no one is judging me, no one cares that I’m not as good a dancer as I thought at the beginning of all of this

·         It’s been at least ten years since I heard Gloria Estefan. I’ve missed her

·         This is like being in elementary school and I love it

·         I feel so free

·         I am laughing really hard, out loud, really hard

·         What, we get to do some salutations too? Nice

·         Wow, that went by quickly, could have pushed myself some more

·         Joe Cocker? I love Joe Cocker. I AM so beautiful to him, he’s right.
Liz offers various Groove programs including one evening session that is Groove followed by yoga and comes highly recommended by the participants I spoke to.Get music lessons.

If you want to move and dance in a non-competitive, non-judgemental, no experience necessary environment, then get into the groove. You don’t need to prove nothing!

By Amber