Fifty Shades of Grey


Sssshhhh!!!  I have a new boyfriend!

His name is Christian Grey.  He is amazing and I adore him.

Not only does he fulfill EVERY desire I have, including money, sex, friendship, mystery, romance and soooo much more – but he is hot!

When I first picked up this book I told my husband it was illiterate porn – ooops!  Maybe I spoke too soon!!!

After 20 pages I was hooked and stayed up until stupid o clock so that I could finish it. Even if it isn’t the most immpressive literature ever written – it does have a hook and it’s pretty big!

I have told my husband that when he isn’t sure about how to respond to a certain situation to simply think – What Would Christian Do? This is unfair really – my husband does not have a private jet, and I am not into the same “kinky” things that Christian seems to enjoy.

But lets be honest here – the same thing that we all loved about Pretty Woman is in this story.  It’s not right, it’s a bit naughty, but it catches our imaginations!  That, in my opinion, is the best thing a book can do for us!

Enjoy my friends – enjoy!

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