Domestic Goddess? Not Likely!

Quick and Easy Recipes

Otherwise forget it.
There are so many great food bloggers on the web and we are of course blessed to have some great local food sites and services here in Victoria, BC. Our favourite local food and recipe blog has to be Amy serves up delicious family recipes on a beautiful looking, easy to navigate site. We&;re also pretty jealous of her pictures, they look so professional, but are just taken with a snappy cam! Wow.
Lots of Amy&;s recipes are easy to follow, the bran muffins for itty bitty hands are simple and delicious and that&;s what we&;re after right? I don&;t know about you, but I am no domestic goddess, far from it. I&;ve worked in kitchens and can cook up a semi storm (when I&;m paid for it) but at home, I don&;t know, I just want simple, fast family dinners!
So here at Victoriamom, that&;s what we try and bring you. Our recipes have all been made by me, Dave or one of our close friends. We want to be honest with you about what&;s on our table because I am guessing a lot of moms are like me, they cook because if they didn&;t social services would be coming round to enquire about the starving children and eating out every night is just too darn expensive.
Hands up if you want nutritional, easy to prepare food that your kids will eat? Yep, thought so, so that&;s what we&;re aiming for. As for photos, apologies in advance because I am no photographer, but again, we want to be honest with you. So don&;t be put off by the pics and honestly, if the picture is really bad, you&;re just going to get a photo of me chowing down! That&;s okay isn&;t it!?
Check out our recipe page here. Every week we&;ll bring you at least one or two new recipes that we&;ve tried at home, let us know if you try them.
Enjoy! Amber