DIY Beauty – 5 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of The Kitchen

DIY Beauty – 5 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of The Kitchen By Megan Johns of The Green Kiss

Welcome to my new natural beauty column for Victoria Mom! Each month, I will bring you the best in natural skincare trends, natural makeup DIY’s, and easy-peasy skin and cosmetics tips for all of you busy moms!

First up…5 ways to use one of my favorite natural beauty ingredients to create 5 cheap and easy beauty DIYs.

If any of you have ever visited me at my beauty bar here in Victoria, there is a good chance that you may have asked me if I carry a natural makeup remover.  It seems to be a weekly request.  My honest answer is always a polite ‘no, sorry I don’t’, followed by a “to tell you the truth, I just use olive oil”. 

This is most often followed by a look of complete confusion from the customer. I can often see the customer’s wheels turning in their heads, perhaps questioning if they should really be trusting me with their natural makeup purchases at all.  “Olive oil…..on my face?”, they often question. “But won’t it clog my pores?  Sting my eyes? I have oily skin!” 

I used to feel embarrassed by these types of responses from the customer, wondering if perhaps I shouldn’t have divulged this habit of mine. However, I started to do some research.  Not only did I use olive oil as a makeup remover (which by the way is also what Carmel Graham, founder of local line Paperdoll Minerals uses), but many, MANY other women in the natural cosmetics industry do as well.  And, that’s not all.  Many beauty junkies of the non-natural variety ALSO use this trick.  Michelle Phan is a famous and fabulous example.  She is an internet beauty sensation (check out her amazing makeup artistry videos if you haven’t already) and she recommends using olive oil as a remover over any other conventional product . *If you watch herolive oil remover tutorial, be sure to read the caption underneath the video for some shocking information.

So, I now make this claim loud and proud to my customers! In fact, olive oil is an amazing oil for a huge variety of natural beauty treatments. The following are my 5 favorite ways to use olive oil outside of the kitchen and onto the body.

  1. As a Makeup Remover

Yes, we just talked about this, but I will share with you my nightly process.  I first tie my hair back (to avoid the oil turning my bangs all greasy).  I then drop a bit of oil into the palms of my hands, rub them together, and then gently rub it all over my face. Keeping my eyes closed, I then gently rub it onto my eye area.  I then slowly open my eyes, (you will look like you have been punched in the face at this point), and I then take my warm wash cloth and start to dab the oil off of my face.  I then follow this process with a natural cleanser, tonique, and moisturizer. I have never experienced break outs, clogged pores, or stinging eyes from this process, nor has anyone I know, but do keep in mind that everyone is different – so use this method at your own discretion. (Megan has the most luminous skin I have ever seen – editor)

  1. As a Cuticle ‘Cream’

Ok, it is not a ‘cream’ it is an oil, but it will replace your need to purchase a cuticle cream in the future.  Just simply rub the oil into the cuticles.  To me, it works far better than any non-natural cuticle creams I have used in the past.

  1. As a Body Scrub

For this one, you just need to add a little bit of sugar.  Brown or white will work.  Put a few spoonful’s of sugar into a container (I use a plastic cup) and then slowly pour olive oil over top until the oil fully coats the sugar.  I then take this concoction into the shower (hence using the plastic cup), scrub it all over my body, and then turn the water on and rinse it off.  The sugar and oil combination will leave your skin feeling moisturized even after you leave the shower.

  1. As a Body Moisturizer

I have been doing this for years and years – even before I started using it as a makeup remover.  And to be honest with you, I often use it as a face moisturizer if I have run out or forgotten mine on vacation. Just be sure not to use too much on your body, otherwise you run the risk of getting oil stains on your clothes.

  1. As a Bath Oil

I hardly ever do this, as I never seem to have the time to have a bath.  But I must say, that it if you have the time, it does make for some mighty soft water and skin.


*Note – For best results, be sure to seek out a top grade olive oil, such as those found at new Victoria Store, Olive The Senses