Dave’s Lamb Masala


This recipe is a cross between a Lamb Masala dish I had one time in Plymouth and your typical Lamb Jalfrezi from a British takeaway. I have a tendency to experiment with every recipe I encounter and encourage others to do so as well, that’s how some of the world’s best dishes came into being. – Dave


2 pounds

stewing lamb or lamb shoulder cut into 1 inch cubes (no bones)

2 tablespoons

butter or vegetable oil

3 cloves

garlic (minced or finely diced)


white onion (finely diced)


medium tomatoes (finely diced)

1 cup

heavy cream, 1/2 & 1/2 cream, or plain yogurt

2 teaspoons

ground cumin

2 teaspoons


1 teaspoon

ground coriander seeds

1 teaspoon

garam masala

1 tablespoon

ground fennel seeds

1⁄3 cup

fresh cilantro (chopped)

1 tablespoon

fresh mint (chopped)

1 teaspoon


1 teaspoon

cayenne pepper


small piece ginger (about an inch long piece)


green chillis (2 chillis make a mild curry, 8 chillis make a curry that is pretty hot)


You’ll want to use a larger, deep pan for cooking this dish.

first take your onion and dice it into rough 1cm cubes
cut 1-4 fresh green chillies into small pieces

heat up your pan to a low heat (i prefer my cast iron pan for this recipe)
and add your oil or butter. once the butter melts (oil is warm) add the onion and chillie(s)
stir regularly with a wooden spoon and let cook till onion is soft and a little browned (10-15min.)

you’ll have time while that cooks to chop your ginger and garlic into fine pieces and
grind the coriander, cumin and fennel seeds (you’ll need a morter and pestle for this, or just buy the powdered versions of each spice)

heat the pan to medium and add the lamb, garlic, ginger and now all the spices
cook for 5 min (or till browned) stirring the spices throroughly throughout all the lamb

now turn the heat to low and wait for the temperature to cool a bit. add the mint and 1/2 cup of cilantro (save the other 1/3 for garnishing the dish when it is ready)
add the yogourt or cream
(if you use yogourt i recommend whisking it before adding)

stir thoroughly through the meat and then add water to your desired level of sauciness
(i prefer a thicker, creamier curry so sometimes i add more cream and a little water)

add the other 1-4 chillies but this time slice them vertically once without seperating from the stem (it looks nice)
and add the diced tomatoes
give it a all good stir

let simmer on a low-med heat for 15 min. garnish and serve with slices of lemon on the side




Prep time
Cooking time
45 minutes
Total time
45 minutes


Serve with basmati rice-your choice, a warm naan or papadums and maybe a vegetable side.
Choose a nice Indian Pale Ale as accompanying beverage.