Cedar Hill/Oswald/Stroud – Click For Map

Although there has always been a park on these great dog walking fields, the play area has recently been upgraded (March 2012). I’d go as far to say that this is now one of the best playgrounds in the Oaklands area.  The equipment is totally inspired, there is a cubby hole with an ice cream vendor design on one side and a pretend cash register painted on the other. There’s a similar hole designed as a puppet show stage and the kids absolutely love it!

All on a woodchip base, the puzzle style equipment keeps toddlers transfixed and the climbing routes up to the larger of the slides seem to be a little different to other parks we visit. For instance, one route to the slide includes a rock climbing frame, just a small one, enough to be a challenge but achievable.

This playground has a spinning bucket seat – always a hit I find – and four swings. There is a lot of climbing equipment and the slides are steep but not too steep. Great playground!

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