Cedar Hill Golf Course – Click For Map

This is a great walk. There’s a parking lot if you are travelling by car to meet someone or trying a new stroll.

This walk is about 30 minutes if that (3k) and as you are walking a circular golf course you can take a clockwise or anti clockwise route. The clockwise route involves a few more inclines so be aware of that if you are walking kids, have a heavy stroller or are a new mom not long out of the postpartum period.

The pathway is mainly wood chip but there are a few spots of rocky terrain. It’s a nice quiet walk for the most part, a few joggers and dog walkers. In the summer, the picking is ripe for blackberries, so if you have patient children or kids that want to help, take some buckets!

The view is stunning at the top of the golf course, you get a great view of the mountains and there is a little pond that is often full of ducks. This is a great walk if you haven’t much time and live in the area. Two strollers can go side by side on most parts of the path.

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