Beauty Trends for Spring 2013


Babies of the 80’s – I’ve got shocking news for you.  You may not want to hear it, but blue is back.  But more on that in a second…

There is something about beauty trends that makes me roll my eyes and feel excited at the same time.  On one hand, it really is silly.  Who decides this stuff?  Why is it ‘in’ to wear something for one season, and then ‘out’ the next.  But on the other hand, it is rather fun.  It gives us girly girls some inspiration to mix things up and ‘play’ a little with our look.  Makeup after all should be fun, right?

So back to blue.  Here are the top three trends coming up for Spring 2013.

1)  Blue Eyeliner

Yep.  Blue is back.  Last Spring and Summer, we saw a lot of girls around town wearing bold and sometimes winged black eyeliner, often pairing it with a bright and vibrant lip.  This Spring/Summer that black eyeliner is being swapped out for blue.  Electric blue!  It will be interesting to see how this trend takes off here in Victoria.  Most of my customers shy away from blue, often saying in their consultations that they are ‘open to any eyeshadow color you think will look good on me…EXCEPT for blue’.  Personally, I think it’s fun and it does wonders to bring out brown eyes.  If you like to play with your look, I suggest giving this trend a try!

2)   Red Lips

As mentioned above, last summer brought the trend of bright and vibrant lips.  A lot of corals, fuchsias and even true oranges were seen, and they were often worn in matte finishes.  While I think this will still be a hot look, red lips are creepin’ in for Spring of 2013.  The runways of NYC’s Spring/Summer fashion week back in September were filled with red lips paired with the blue eyeliner trend mentioned above. It ‘s a look that is fresh, young and fun, and it has a bit of a nautical feel to it.

3) Bold Brows

Brows are something I never used to pay that much attention to.  Sure I’d get them waxed and shaped, but because I have quite thick brows, I would have never thought draw them in more!  However, more and more I am seeing the beauty of filling in brows.  Brows are what frame your face.  And when they are groomed and filled in, they really polish of a look.  This Spring, bold brows are making a comeback.  If you are new at this, I suggest finding a powdered eye brow product.  Applying a pencil to the brows can look really fake, really fast.  So opt for a powder or gel like these ones from 100% Pure.  Not only do they have all natural ingredients, but even their pigments are from fruits and herbs.   They are like skincare and makeup all in one!

Have fun playing with these trends for Spring!  And remember – makeup should be FUN!

Megan is the owner of The Green Kiss, a natural makeup and beauty bar inside The Good Planet Company on Fort Street. The Green Kiss aims to bring Victoria women safe and natural skincare cosmetics.