Astrology Charting with Patricia O’Neill


Amber reviews her visit with astrologer Patricia O’Neill.

To be honest, I wasn`t that much in the mood to visit Patricia. In fact I wasn`t sure I`d make it at all, a sentiment that was shared by Patricia as she greeted me at the door.

She led me into her dining room and showed me a piece of paper with the exact date written on it. Apparently she was worried I wouldn`t make it either, that day held a lot of foreboding for me. Saturn was giving me a good kick up the hoo hah and was spewing me forth into unplanned new adventures and a new life plan. It could be pretty heart wrenching and quite the challenge. Well what do you know, I had lost my job about an hour earlier.

And so it began.

Sitting with Patricia for those 2 hours was a wondrous time. Patricia had put together a binder of my personality profile with detailed maps and descriptions. At first when I looked at it, I was worried I wouldn`t be able to understand it. If you look at astrological charts, as much as they are magical, they are also quite mathematical and can take more of a science brained mind than mine to decipher. But I didn`t need to worry, Patricia not only talked me over the charts, but also around them, with chat about my astrological relationship with my husband, friends, family and more.

I think the best way to describe my session with Patricia is as a great comfort. I really felt that who I am is who I am meant to be. I class myself as a typical Cancerian – homely, motherly, extremely emotional but with the addition of my rising sign and sun sign, I suddenly understood even more about myself – Aquarius and Virgo – so yes, a work horse with crazy ideas….. did I commit to VictoriaMom as I left her home? I certainly may have!

Patricia explained my signs in a very practical way, how they could relate to each other, how they would balance, how they would oppose. We talked about relationships that worked for me, vocations that would be desirable and so much more. Patricia even looked up my husband`s signs to see our compatibility. It was absolutely fascinating and every step of what we discussed had a practical element that really appeals to my way of thinking.

I have recommended a few friends to Patricia who have then gone on to have several sessions with her. If you understand the pull of the stars and planets at birth and agree that they have a powerful force on your life, then I seriously can’t make more of a heartfelt recommendation than Patricia.

I know that two friends have seen Patricia to discuss how best to handle their relationship and have come away with more tools than in the best marriage counselling sessions.

Patricia works with couples and individuals, she offers personality profiles, business profiles, compatibility profiles and child profiles, she also wrote the wonderful bookChildren of the Stars.

You can contact her at and 250 595 8939