A Modern Kind Of Memory Box

I'm guessing most people have a memory box for their children. My son in only 2 years old and his first box, which is a pretty good size, is already full to the brim. I put allsorts in there, his first bathing suit, the socks I thought would be too big forever but now seem like an ant could wear them, pictures to dad that I did but put his name on Рjust all the little things that make parenthood and having a kid so special. I love memories and I can't wait to savour this box in years to come but sometimes I wonder how I will remember everything else. Most days my little one, Atticus, says something hilarious and I want to call everyone I know and tell them the fabulously smart things he's been saying!  More often than not, I remember these funny incidences for a few days before the next thing pops up but really I wish I could remember them all forever. So today I decided on an alternate style of memory box. I have set up an email account for Atticus and have decided that every now and again, when something really sweet or really funny happens I will write to him and give him a little summary of him and his family at that point in time. Of course, it won't be an email a day because by the time he has any interest in reading the emails (and I'm guessing it might be his future wife who has the interest Рwe'll just have to see how sentimental he is) there could be thousands of these missives from his crazy momma! I'm thinking more like 5 a year or even just a birthday message to sum up his year, I'm not sure yet, we'll have to see. If you want to do a similar thing, just remember that children of a certain age cannot have email accounts. I set up Atti's with a different birthday altogether just for personal privacy (every little helps) and I'll probably hand over his account details on his eighteenth birthday. I'm really excited by this new little task of mine, let me know if any of you do something similar, I'd love more tips on how to preserve every precious moment! Amber